CTO, COO when you need it most

Here at 60innovations we have many years of experience operating at the highest levels within many different sizes and types of organisations. We can bring this experience to your organisation should you need it, for the short to medium term. This service is being offered as on a number of engagements we have for one reason and another ended up working in this way!

This service could be right for your organisation if;

You may have unexpectedly lost a C-Level exec, and want a safe pair of hands until you recruit a strategic replacement

You could be an organisation who is about to scale and can’t commit to the cost of a fullt time CxO, but really need that level of leadership

You could be embarking on a major initiative and feel some assurance is appropriate

Whatever the reason we can offer both the highest level technical & operational capability to your organisation whenever it is needed.

Examples of the senior roles we could support your organisation with are:

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Head of Delivery / Programs / Portfolio

Head of Engineering

If any of the points above resonate with you, why not give us a call for an honest open chat about what is happening?

We Pride ourselves on;

A highly ethical & robust approach

Innovative ideas, and strategies

Highly performant teams

Lasting cultural change to the organisation

Given the nature of this work, the requirement for confidentiality around it to avoid or minimise reputational damage please either contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Or call us directly for an NDA to be put in place so we can start to offer some real, practical, advice on the issues you are facing.

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