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Who we are & what we do


Our vision is to improve the lives of 1m technologists, leading to outstanding outcomes for thousands of businesses whose own vision's and strategies will be delivered through the use of our services. We will achieve this by sticking to our core values of Innovate, Perform, Deliver & our own unique culture & approach.


We aim to Innovate within your business using cutting edge technology & process to deliver excellence.


Our highly Performant teams are passionate, proactive & aggressive in seeking only the best results for our clients.


We Deliver on commitments we make to our clients and their missions. Leaving a great legacy for the future.


Member Profile

Alex Lashford

Role : The Integrator - Technical Leadership & Strategy, Polyglot Technologist & geekery of all kinds

Experience : 12 years across businesses of all scales and many domains including Streaming Media, eComm, FinTech, Insurance, Government & BioTech

Member Profile

Ian Walker

Role : The Visionary - Org Leadership, Culture mentorship, process geekery & delivery management

Experience : 15 years across businesses of all scales and many domains including Streaming Media, eComm, FinTech, NHS, Secure Government & Transport

Why choose us?

Just a small number of reasons to consider 60 Innovations..


We are company built upon people who know how to deliver, our founders have nearly 3 decades of experience in the IT industry.


We have a diverse skillset and bring the very latest and most suitable tech stack to all projects, just a small number of which can be seen below.


We don't just deliver great software. Our team have a wealth experience in a consultative role, both in development and project management.


Delivering great software is not where the journey ends. We can provide tailored support packages for projects we deliver.

Our Elevator Pitch

60 Innovations

For any scale of organisation

Who are about to start their digital transformation - or need software solutions developing

The 60 Innovations Team

Is a Digital Transformation and Software Delivery consultancy

That offers a unique approach to both services

Unlike our competitors, who are generally large organisations following a predefined sausage factory. We are big enough to cope and small enough to care, we tailor our approach to the unique culture, talent and values or your organisation, and help your existing team deliver the vision of the organisation

Our core values of Innovate Perform Deliver drive us to help our clients increase performance and turn disruptive ideas into reality

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