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We are a professional services company. With a wealth of experience and diverse skillset, specialising in...

Software Delivery & Consultancy

Developing innovative solutions of the finest quality our polyglot engineering team have many years of experience in delivering highly functional, reactive & scalable solutions that meet your exacting requirements. We follow one proven process, that is efficient, and delivers exceptional results.

Our engineering team are active participants in the tech community, we are regular bloggers & speakers and share our experiences with the community, keeping up to date with the very latest in bleeding edge technologies. This translates into better technical solutions, ultimately giving your business the edge.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is highly complex and reaches into many parts of an organisation, getting it right is vital. We are highly experienced in all areas of this process. Using our scorecard system we can efficiently assess many areas of your operations, and guide your organsation through a series of steps to help you make wholesale transformation, or find that extra 1% evolution, to get you ahead in your market.

Fundamental to digital transformation is the culture of your organisation, we have some innovative ways to help you evolve this vital area, this could be your secret weapon!

Press & Partners

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  • "With a long history in bleeding edge technology, and it's strong community focus Lightbend was an obvious choice for us technically, and ethically, we are proud to provide expertise in their superb products. We can provide expert level consultancy, or whole project delivery around the impressive stack & product set offered by Lightbend."

  • "Stop Press! As new consultancy 60 Innovations launches to clients in the UK looking for external expertise in the digital transformation & software development arena, co-founders Alex Lashford and Ian Walker sat with Consultancy.uk to set out the firm’s proverbial stall..."


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  • "ZeroDayLab® is Passionate about ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ consistently delivered across our IT Security Services. We work strategically with our clients as their trusted security partner of choice delivering ‘Continuous IT Security Improvement’. We utilise the very best people, processes and technology to deliver consistency and quality; on time, every time, and in budget. We share many of Zerodaylabs traits and have seen them in action at a mutual client so partnering makes total sense to us!"

  • "I will personally be bringing the 60innovations team back into Worldline to train my senior architects in how to run Inceptions, so we can adopt this process into our way of working and take another digital step forward."

    Ryan Bryers - CTO, Worldline UK&I

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  • "We now understand our position in the digital landscape with a level of clarity we didn’t have prior to 60innovations involvement with CarFinanace247."

    Reg Rix - CEO, CarFinance247

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  • "We are also very pleased to be part of the Atos SME harbor, where small business plays a part in big business, we bring a unique set of skills and cultures to complement Atos in their work. The SME Harbour is a Partnership programme that creates a safe environment for SMEs to access Atos markets and help drive innovation and value for our Clients."


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

– Coretta Scott King

This important organisation helps the Manchester tech community with everything from getting people in to coding, to recruitment, to helping SME's gain visibility in the busy digital landscape

This meetup was established by one of our founders a few years ago now to help the Scala Community in Manchester

This meetup was established by one of our founders a year ago now to help the Digital Transformation Community in Manchester

Organised by Manchester Digital this is a group set up for real good, and change. Helping to get people into tech at all levels. We as members give our time freely to activities in this space to help in it's vital work.

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