Our Process

Our project delivery process has been evolving over several years, taking the learnings and knowledge from our combined experience in industry. Running through our process of Evaluation, Inception, Delivery and 'The Future', we can help clarify goals, highlight risks and blockers and then move onto the design, planning and delivery your next disruptive technical solution. Whilst keeping an eye on the future and ensuring the correct technical architecture is used to help build your business and meet the technical strategy.

The 60 Innovations Process

The 60 Innovations delivery process from first call to MVP and beyond

Our engineers are true polyglots and fully embrace the DevOps culture, our experience covers many business domains and we excel at turning disruptive ideas into highly performant, scalable solutions that will help take your business to the next level.

Application Delivery

We can turn your technical vision into a reality, whether the solution requires a highly performant web application, scalable and resilient web services or complex distributed systems to handle real-time data processing. We will advise you on making the correct technology choice, our polyglot engineers ensure the correct tool is chosen to solve the problem. All of our team are true techies keeping up to date with the latest advancements in the industry through our R&D practices, and attendance of leading industry conferences, you can be sure that we are at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art solutions.

Devops & Infrastructure

Our DevOps and Infrastructure Solutions provide a wide range of services. These cover all aspects of designing, building, and tuning of infrastructure. We focus on delivering modern, robust and trustable solutions and platforms that meet your requirements, whilst considering scale, performance, operational costs and resiliency aspects. Our experience is based on successful delivery of multiple projects across a variety of industry sectors, and by constantly updating ourselves through our R&D practices, and attendance of leading industry conferences, you can be sure that we are at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art solutions.

Microservices, Distributed Systems & Web Applications

We have extensive experience creating highly performant and scalable services using modern reactive architectures and tool sets. Our experience has exposed us to the Lightbend stack using both Java and Scala APIs, and building services with Akka and Play. We also have a heritage of building scalable micro-services with the Spring framework and off-JVM with NodeJs frameworks.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Automated feature testing is important to any project that wants continuous integration and delivery. Having confidence in the testing code and platform is often difficult, since from our experience this is where projects become brittle and unwieldy. Our teams expertise can help iron out inefficient workflows or testing code and bringing the project back into a CI / CD nirvana. Our team has used a multitude of technologies, including Cucumber, WebDriver.io, Karma, Selenium, Robot, Browserstack, AWS device farm etc.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructures are central to all aspects of our Infrastructure Solutions offerings. We can design and build you cloud infrastructure from scratch, modernise your existing setup, or migrate in-house data centre to a cloud platform adequate to your needs, in-house skills, and other preferences. We can conduct an assessment of your existing infrastructure and advise how to fully utilise it, using the latest technologies.

Site Reliability, Performance & Scalability

Creating working and performant software is core to every delivery. Performance testing is a first class citizen and performance is continually monitored through a project's life-time. The team have exposure to several open source tools including Gatling, Locust, LOADUI, jmeter etc. Availability of applications and ability to continue enabling the business to perform is a key driver in any project with monitoring and visibility being a key to enabling this. Our previous projects have exposed us to chaos engineering and utilising industry standard tooling as well as in-house tooling to prove application architecture is appropriate to meet desired uptime and resiliency.

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