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Digital Transformation & Evolution

Digital Transformation or Evolution is one of the most important strategies you can embark upon with your business. Talk to us about how our team of transformation experts can help your business achieve a digital transformation, or a digital evolution, by evolving the 5 pillars of digital transformation People, Process, Technology, Strategy & Vision and Culture

Our transformation experts will help your business achieve a digital transformation, or evolution.

Evolution or Transformation

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There is no one approach that fits all for digital evolution, no one system that makes it easier, what is needed is real experience of delivering digital evolution, we have that experience and expertise. Often organisations wonder where to start and what the right approach is for them in terms of evolving their existing digital platforms and systems so they are fit for purpose in today's demanding business environments. One of our most valuable skills as an organisation is understanding, and identifying how other organisations work, what their business model is, and how we can impact that in a positive way, by provision of outstanding, game changing technical & process solutions

We help businesses evolve by utilising the following methodologies and technologies; modern end to end business processes, cloud based, customer focused, fault tolerant, reactive applications, machine learning & data science.

We impact five key areas of business, strategy & vision, culture, people, process and technology. Peoples thought process, business process, technology choices and uses, and perhaps most importantly of all culture will need to adapt to transform your business digitally.

The 60 Innovations Digital Transformation process

The 60 Innovations Digital Transformation process

Transformational Change

So what does it look like to work with 60Innovations practically? We have 3 simple ways in how we approach working with your organisation.

1. Integrated Model. With this model we will join your existing team, at whatever level of the organisation that we determine together to be likely to be the most effective.

2. Consultancy Model. We work alongside your teams but not within them, assessing, guiding and providing feedback to improve results from the teams and ultimately the business.

3. Complete Team Model. We can bring in a complete delivery team of 60 Innovations resource to deliver bespoke software development projects, from inception to MVP, and beyond.

At our initial investigations into working with your business, we will discuss each approach in detail, and agree on the optimal way to begin our partnership. Why not give us a call today to discuss the options? Evolution is often a less risky approach than a transformational one, we have delivered both, but if you are fairly new to this, or have had a less than optimal experience previously, then you should definitely give us a call to discuss how we can help your organisation get it right.

Need Digital Transformation, Digital Evolution, or implementation assistance, If the above approaches are the type that your business is looking to exploit then fill in the contact us form below.

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