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If solving large complex problems and maxing out your brain gets you out of bed in the morning, if you want to be part of a tech community and not just work for another consultancy. Then we are right for you. As a consultant, every day can be very different. At times you will work with tech startups with small or no teams, and be building their flagship product to go to market. Other times you will work in big organisations providing deep knowledge and technical skills that they do not have, or be part of a 60innovations team that will be helping that organisation increase its delivery capability.

Be ready to be hands-on right from the start; work-shopping & being part of inceptions, MVP building, feature creation & client facing. When there is downtime from project work, our culture is a rewarding and encouraging one. You will be writing talks for meetups & conferences or contributing to open source projects, writing your own blogs, and building your ever important personal brand. Even just brushing up on the latest thinking in your area of expertise. We create teams that are bespoke for every engagement we take on, we care about the projects we get involved in, and our teams are carefully picked for each project. We are truly big enough to cope but small enough to care.

As a modern forward thinking company, we are open to change at all times and expect you to contribute to the culture of our company, it’s ours and it is unique, so come and be part of it.

Latest Roles

 we are not actively looking to expand the team at this time, However...

Although we do not currently have any open positions, we are always happy to talk to talented and passionate people, drop us a message and start the conversation.

Possible Roles

  • Engineers - Frontend / Backend / Cloud or Fullstack
  • Project Managers, scrum masters and delivery leads.

Contract or Perm

  • In a competitive talent market the power to decide how you work is in your hands, different engagements suit different people, whatever your preference permanent or contract we will likely have a place for exceptional abilities.

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