Project Crisis Assessment & Recovery

As you are reading this you may be in a situation with an external client, or a vital internal project or program of work where your organisation is experiencing some or all of the following with a project or program of work;

The work is late, over budget or does not function and no one can, or will, tell you why

You cannot get, or trust, the status of the project as you are having it presented to you

You have a supplier that is failing to deliver

Your project is failing because of your client

Repeated failed cycles of testing or QA

Very high turnover of project resource

The above can be very distressing and demoralising for teams at all levels from execs, through to the newest graduate, and indeed for organisations as a whole. Often they can be the cause of;

Serious reputational damage

Issues with Retention & Recruitment

Stagnation or loss of business growth

Negative impact to organisational finances and models

In the worst cases can see traditional areas of strength decline through poor sale of services or product

In a final stage they can even be on the verge of legal action

If any or all of the above apply to you we can help you. We have over 14 years experience at various large organisations turning projects around, or advising on the best course of action against the likely success and deliverability of a project. With a number of success stories we can share, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Our team conduct themselves in a highly discreet way, we will respond to a call for help and suggest the lowest profile approach for us to involve ourselves in your work. Unlike the other pages on our website we do not publish our process approach, we will talk you through this at our first meeting or call, it is a standardised approach that has seen excellent results in a number of situations.

We Pride ourselves on;

A highly ethical & robust approach

Innovative ideas, and strategies to correct situations

Highly performant teams

Your satisfaction of our delivery

Lasting cultural change to the organisation

Given the nature of this work, the requirement for confidentiality around it to avoid or minimise reputational damage please either contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Or call us directly for an NDA to be put in place so we can start to offer some real, practical, advice on the issues you are facing.

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