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ScaleUp Services

The expertise & experience of our team can help get your business, product & team through this vital stage of growth. We have the technical, delivery and business acumen required to guide your teams, and deliver exceptional business outcomes for your investors & organisation alike.

We will get your business through this vital growth stage. Our technical, delivery and business acumen will produce exceptional business outcomes

Expertise to accelerate your growth

All ScaleUps are unique in their culture, and passionate about their ways of working. They are often small in number, highly dedicated and skilled, and have a product or service they believe in. These types of teams get a product to a certain point. Often, to reach the next level of the product, and achieve further funding different approaches are required.

We offer services which help these businesses reach their growth, and technical ambitions. You may have a product that is ready to grow, but can’t in its current technical state & a team which cannot agree how to get it there. We have real world experience and expertise in getting teams through this stage of growth, with exceptional outcomes.

You may need to accelerate delivery of your next product iteration, whilst keeping the current product version working at it’s best, this type of challenge needs a level of experience and understanding not always available internally in ScaleUp businesses

One of our most valuable skills as an organisation is understanding, and identifying how other organisations work, what their business model is, and how we can impact that in a positive way, by provision of outstanding, game changing technical & process solutions. Many organisations struggle to articulate how the technology solutions they want to provide the business with will bring the impact that the business needs, this can often lead to lack of buy-in and adoption by the business, and ultimately to failure. Key to overcoming this as technologists is showing real understanding of business challenges and being able to demonstrate the correct use of technologies, regularly, to overcome those challenges. Being technology agnostic to a large extent allows us to pick the right tool for the right job, and allows easier integration with existing teams within your organisation. Having many years of expertise our teams are naturally able to communicate the reasons for, and impact to be expected by the solutions we will help you to build, or build for you. Ultimately we help your team make your technical aspirations become a reality delivering real business value, justifying the sacrifices that the team have made and exceeding expectations of financial investors. In the majority of cases we do genuinely accelerate delivery of projects & products into the marketplace, we are passionate about this.

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Next Steps

So what does it look like to work with 60Innovations practically? We have 3 simple ways in how we approach working with your organisation.

1. Integrated Model. With this model we will join your existing team, at whatever level of the organisation that we determine together to be likely to be the most effective.

2. Consultancy Model. We work alongside your teams but not within them, assessing, guiding and providing feedback to improve results from the teams and ultimately the business.

3. Complete Team Model. We can bring in a complete delivery team of 60 Innovations resources to deliver bespoke software development projects, from inception to MVP, and beyond.

At our initial investigations into working with your business, we will discuss each approach in detail, and agree on the optimal way to begin our partnership. Why not give us a call today to discuss the options?

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