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Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership, when & how you need it most! You need the seniority, but not the expense or commitment of a full time senior leader. Talk to us about how our highly capable and experienced team can help your business overcome this challenge in the best way possible

Senior Leadership, when & how you need it most!


This service is useful if you have an organisation or team that needs highly experienced leadership, with both technical and delivery expertise, but you do not have that level of resource available. We can join your team, understand your business and guide the team to give the best possible delivery. It is also possible for us to drive restructuring change and efficiency within your teams,

We have many years of experience in all types of organisations, in senior leadership roles. From global media streaming companies, to teams of 10 in the startup world, and everything in between, in Fintech, Retail, Public Sector & many more.

We can bring this experience to your organisation should you need it, for the short to medium term. This service is being offered as on a number of engagements we have for one reason and another ended up working in this way!

It is likely that;

  • You have unexpectedly lost a Head of or C-Level exec, and want a safe pair of hands until you recruit a strategic replacement
  • You could be an organisation who is about to scale and can’t commit to the cost of a full time Head of or CxO, but really need that level of leadership
  • You could be embarking on a major initiative and feel some assurance is appropriate

We Pride ourselves on;

  • A highly ethical & robust approach
  • Innovative ideas, and strategies
  • Highly performant teams
  • Lasting cultural change to the organisation

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Our Approach

Approaching senior leadership role fulfilment in this way gives some advantages over traditional recruiting to fill the role then finding out that the person, or in fact the role is not what is required as things evolve. Usually part of our offering in these engagements is to help find our permanent replacements, by working with your in-house recruitment team, or external recruiters, in some cases even directly with candidates themselves.

Finally one of our biggest value adds from this service is that through our diverse experiences and backgrounds we are experienced enough to understand what doesn’t work, as much as what does work in a given set of circumstances, for different types of organisations, this skill has proved itself time and time again.

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