Read the Foreword of our Digital Evolution Book

Our journey at CarFinance247 has been one of incredible success and growth over the past few years. We are immensely proud of our people, our culture and our tech which have all been an integral part of our story.

We began working with 60Innovations a while ago now, a data centre migration highlighted a few areas of concern in our systems, so Ian & Alex came and helped us take stock. What happened next, and is still happening today is another big step in the CarFinanace247 story. Helping us focus on our strategy & vision for the future, while keeping the current platform working at its best. This is allowing us to plan for our organisation more succinctly than we have before.

We now understand our position in the digital landscape with a level of clarity we didn’t have prior to 60innovations involvement with CarFinanace247.

If nothing else once you read this book you will have a much clearer understanding about the size of task digital transformation or evolution is. You will understand some of the simple steps you can take to gain clarity on your position. You will get a good feeling for how 60Innovations can help make a difference to your organisation and it’s digital journey.

Reg Rix - CEO

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