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Worldline contacted 60Innovations to assist in taking a national hospitality client through the inception process for a major new program of work that was being considered for investment. The 60 innovations team had to quickly gain an understanding of that particular vertical of the hospitality industry in order to make the inception as effective as it could be.

The 60innovations team met with hospitality team & the worldline team and ran through the inception process for a week, lots of fun, constructive workshops and exercises led to everyone agreeing on the outputs for the inception pack. The inception pack is a document that lays the foundations for a successful delivery, and can be given to any good quality development team, and development should be able to begin based on its contents.

An inception report was produced that detailed what the hospitality client wanted from the delivery as a clear set of requirements, and a timeline for delivery was given by Worldline, both organisations had a far better understanding of each other from both a business and personal viewpoints, which can only help when delivering complex major programs of work.

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Ryan Bryers


Worldline has been driving digital transformation both internally and externally with clients for the last few years, many things have changed and the world looks to be a very different place to where it was in 2015. We do though evolve daily as there is no real end game in digital, you just become more digital with each change in transformation you make. We have internal experts but also external coaches and experts in groups like 60innovations led by co-founder Ian Walker.

Worldline has recognised and used the concept of a Discovery phase that aims to clarify a client's needs and expectations but had never used the concept of a condensed Inception process. The Inception process is a 3-5 day exercise that is similar to a Discovery phase but is more condensed and focused. It brings together all the different factions for a delivery (business, developers, ops people, testers, SMEs, account managers, PM's and more) to take part in a structured workshop that takes people right from outlining their view of the delivery to acting out parts of the system. When run correctly the Inception process can drive out 8-10 weeks of discovery in a 1 week period and also has the side benefits of relationship building and clarity of requirements.

We turned to 60innovations to lead us in Inception with our hospitality client so that we could drive towards a clear common goal, clarify expectations and also end up with a clear documented outcome that all were able to buy into. 60innovations has years of experience in this process, they normally use is as the lead into a Sprint 0 but can also do this as a delivery in isolation to support a business decision point to progress or not. The experience and expertise that 60innovations brought to the process made the 3-day period go smoothly, all parties to be really happy in what was achieved and agree upon the document outputs that covered things like the MTP, MVP and wider product backlog. We also ended up with a clear "Car Park" of things that needed a more intricate debate to reach an outcome.

I will personally be bringing the 60innovations team back into Worldline to train my senior architect's team in how to run Inceptions so we can adopt them into our way of working and take another digital step forward.

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