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Nov 12

Know where you are, calling all digital transformers CIO,COO,CEO,CTO,CFO

Having worked on a few digital transformations now in various industry verticals, and seen lots and lots of shiny adverts promoting seamless customer digital experiences with ever-increasing ease. Just a few clicks and a bit of data transfer, a few team meetings, and a rebrand, and that’s it you have cracked digital transformation, using the latest shiny tech and a few meetings! If you have managed to do this then, please feel free to share it with the rest of the world!

Digital transformation (DTx) is for most a bit more complex than that at 60 Innovations we believe that DTx has a number of facets, or pillars if you like, namely;

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Culture

Get them right and you really will have cracked a DTx, get them wrong to any significant degree and you certainly will not.

A common theme when we are invited by clients to be involved in DTx is organisations actually understanding their own current position in relation to the above pillars.

The analogy of attempting DTx without understanding your organisations starting point is like trying to read a map without knowing where you are. Plotting a successful route is going to be a whole lot harder without that knowledge.

Business reality vs digital vision is something that many organisations see benefit from using the services of a consultancy for, commencing your digital journey with external help allows you to leverage experience and impartiality in understanding your starting point. Vital if you are to get this right.

We have developed our own scorecard system to assess this position at the outset of any engagement and use it at the end as well for a like for like comparison. You can try it for free on our site here

60Innovations will publish further short blogs about practical digital transformation, less the shiny adverts, just offering some honest simple advice. If you enjoy this approach or practical tips why not follow us on twitter & Linkedin , as well as giving those scorecards ago for free.

Finally, we are available to talk to any size or type of organisation about your experiences so far on what is now an essential part of any business.

Good luck!

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