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Dec 08

Alex Lashford and I were discussing who does what in a development team recently. Every organisation is different in how they operate, but if you are an SME and are growing quickly it may not be obvious who is doing what. Also, it may not be obvious if you have any skill gaps in your organisation as you grow, it may not even be obvious to you who enjoys doing what part of their role that makes your organisation tick.

We came up with a really simple approach for this in terms of assessing this stuff quickly. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here they are! Highly Performant Development Team

Highly Performant Development Team

As you can see from the table above a lot of information can be quickly ascertained by simply asking whoever is the tech lead or scrum master to get this template filled out. The information your team provides you with can tell you a lot about not just how they work, but also about how they are performing as a team. If you do this and you struggle to interpret the results then feel free to contact us, and we will happily chat through your results with you. The names in the above spreadsheet and percentages shown are purely fictional btw!

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